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71th Independence Day of India

Happy 71th Independence Day of India, on this occasion I tribute to all freedom fighters , Soldiers,Farmers, journalists  workers, and those 2 crore people who died with hunger from 1857-1943, national leader who paid thier life for getting freedom from the British.
What we have achieved in these 70 years, we have achieved everything, transparent govt, good humanism, national intregraty , per capita income from 18₹ to 1.3 lakh (2017)/month , but inequality paina us , over 70% of indian wealth is hand in only 1% people and 72 crore of indians survive in salary of 30 ₹ per day.
Over 2 crore childs die in a year due malnutritution. 1 lakh peoples die in a year due to road accident.
Castesim is very long sin and also present in people minds yet. Communiliam and castesim are a bad stone in growing a country .
People are fighting to each other about religion , caste, and in the name of worship.
Womens have not achieved mentally freedom yet , they are bound by caste and explotion culture, p…