Interference of Pakistan in Kashmir issues

The topic is very tuff to define in the few words,we have to understand it's past in order to present.
On 15 Aug 1947 we got freedom from the british colonialism and the same time we had divided between two countries India and Pakistan and the state Jammu and Kashmir was independent and their king was Maharaj Hari Singh ,was very known and famous in the state.after division of india and Pakistan,on 20 Oct 1947 pakistan's supported Azad Kashmir Sena attacked on state to snatch the kashmir part then Raja Hari Singh begged india's help to get rid from terrorist. India helped by sending troops therefore Hari Singh decided J&K to merge with india and on 26th Oct 1947 there had been signed a Merge letter between Nehru and Hari Singh that J&K will be merged with india and india will be active in srate for only Defence,foreign affair and vigilance subjects. After this section 370 was included in constitution of india and finally state made their own constitution on 26th June 1957 which directs in first article that J&K is a integral part of India,2- state secures people for justice,freedom,equality. But again in 1948 pakistan attacked on state and snatch some part of state that is called Pak occupied Kashmir(PoK) ,after end of war Nehru went to UN but UN gave a disappointed decision in the favour of Pakistan. Nehru himself believed that he should not have go to UN.
Jammu had no problem in stay with india but Kashmiri's politician had.
In 1953 new govt set up by Sheikh Abdulla,Abdulla was relieved of his post as his party The National Conference,refused to accept the accession to india as final vaguely talked of the final settlement of the kashmir,Shiekh abdullah was brought back to head of the government in Kashmir. In 1975 after he and Indira Gandhi signed an agreement,Now Abdullah had given up the earlier separatist demand and had accepted kashmir to be part of india.
On 26 June 2000 assembly of J&K accepted recommendations of a 'Rajya Swayatta Samiti' which recommended that presented unstable word in A370 should be replaced by Stable word and Article 356 will not be effective in J&K or There will be no Interference of election commission in state or the chapter of fundamental right of state will be separate from constitution of india etc. But on 14th July 2000 government of india refused to accept the following recommendations.
between this time AFSPA act was imposed in the valley for unnecessary activity of Kashmiri's leaders.
In the early 1990 the secessionist movement divided into two branches. In the first branch led by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front(JKLF) suggested for creation of independent state of Kashmir to be created by the merger of Kashmir from india and the PoK from Pakistan,it claims to represent the entire state of Kashmir and almost sovereign,Secular and democratic Kashmir that would include all Kashmiri's irrespective JKLF vision. But the hindu and Buddhist have rejected JKLF view point as both these communities fear that in independent Kashmir the muslim will dominate owing to their majority status therefore they have called upon the indian govt to protect the kashmir.
The second branch of Kashmiri's secessionist was led by the muslim fundamental and the muslim elites in valley,thier demand is to make Kashmir either part of Pakistan or an independent islamic state with close ties with pakistan ,the important insurgent group that advocate this are the Harqat-ul-Ansar and the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. Pro pakistani sentiments are also demonstrated by the All party Hurriyat Conference,an umbrella organization of various political parties in Kashmir.
In this climate of spiraling political violence and ethnic cleansing the pro india leaders among kashmiri muslim were eliminated by the insurgents for being soft on india and Kashmiri's hindu were driven out .
Because of this outbreak of insurgency in Kashmir a proxy war erupted between india and pakistan which is still going strong.
So we have seen that the Interference of Pakistan in Kashmir issues is indirectly more than directly and interfering now. As directly pakistan violets ceasefire across the border and as indirectly pakistan supports Kashmiri's politician like Hurriyat,Seperatist and separatist leaders actuates innocent kashmiri people and  young against AFSPA act and Indian army for implementing pak agenda of seeking independent Kashmir ties with pakistan,becouse pak knows that kashmir is safe unless Army is there.
Kashmiri people are very innocent and uneducated person who are misdirected by separatist leaders or hurriyat and their politician are not responsible they promise to give  jobs to Kashmiri's when Kashmiri begs they say that govt of India is approaching well in the valley,politicians usually run from their own responsibilities.
Hurriyat,Separtist and govt of j&k are given all the facilities but what kashmiri is given,nothing.
Thier leaders son and daughter study abroad but Kashmiri's study only there in govt school .
Pakistan one side kill the indian army to show that they are with kashmiri people and Indian army is real enemy of thier resident. This agenda is promoted by separatist which is funded and helped by pakistan in the valley.
Thier politician only want to rule the state not want to care valley future.
What PDP promised to Kashmiri's youth what they delivered ties with hardcore nationalist BJP. We don't know .
Why the outrage is so high there.
Youth are joining militancy because they are misdirected by separatist leaders that govt will not give you employment and you should follow the azadi of Kashmir and ready to pick gun.
Pakistan double standard proxy war is here.
People have no problem with AFSPA act in Manipur,Assam why is in Kashmir this is a non issues.
If we want to stop the Interference of Pakistan we should control the separatist or punish them and our army should be punish terrorist hardly.
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