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Interference of Pakistan in Kashmir issues

The topic is very tuff to define in the few words,we have to understand it's past in order to present.
On 15 Aug 1947 we got freedom from the british colonialism and the same time we had divided between two countries India and Pakistan and the state Jammu and Kashmir was independent and their king was Maharaj Hari Singh ,was very known and famous in the state.after division of india and Pakistan,on 20 Oct 1947 pakistan's supported Azad Kashmir Sena attacked on state to snatch the kashmir part then Raja Hari Singh begged india's help to get rid from terrorist. India helped by sending troops therefore Hari Singh decided J&K to merge with india and on 26th Oct 1947 there had been signed a Merge letter between Nehru and Hari Singh that J&K will be merged with india and india will be active in srate for only Defence,foreign affair and vigilance subjects. After this section 370 was included in constitution of india and finally state made their own constitution on 26th J…