Climate Change

On the earth we are depended upon environment and eco-system and environment and ecosystem is depended on us.
We are directly/indirectly responsible for any activity in nature/ecosystem,for us it is important to keep safe our environment and ecosystem.
Nowadays we feel unseasonable activity like summer in winter ,winter in summer,rainy days in winter even and very warm sunlight.
These all are example of Climate change and global warming.
Global warming is very reasonable activity for Climate change,since starting of 19th century we are noticing that temperature of earth is increasing day by day and global warming has been already increased.
It all affect badly on atmosphere,environment,biodiversity. It affects atmosphere where different gasses are present in balanced quantity for keeping stability of nature .
Now the question is what is to say Climate change?
According to scientist the earth is older than 4.6billion year and process of Climate change has been happening since earth's birth. According to scientist there was glacial era before 18000Years in order to today where earth temperature is almost 15°c and in glacial era it was -5°c , scientist also agree that if temperature is down by 2℃ there will be glacial era.and if it is increased by 2℃ there will be a natural disaster which will make living worst on earth.
Increasing in temperature is cause of producing green house gasses*(CH4,CO2,CFC5,N2O,O3) by world.
What is green house gasses?
Actually green house is a room made by glass or plastic,which build in cold countries for growing plants and green stuff,its wall are transparent,in which solar wave come but by tradition it not goes out,solar wave generate heat that's why temp increased in r oom  and plants grown.
The same type green house is around us which is flowed on earth and it covers world.
Producing green house gasses stop the outcome energy of solar waves that's why heat generate and temperature increased.
In green house gasses the CO2 (carbon dioxide) is main gas which generate more pollution and heat in atmosphere.
According to an inference the quantity of co2 is increasing Day by day, in present time in atmosphere it's quantity is 410ppm and it can be increased by 500ppm till 2050 as a result 1.5℃-2℃ temperature will increase.
Another green house gas ch4(methane) is increased by 1.77ppm from 0.77Ppm.
Scientist are agree balanced quantity of gasses maintain a healthy and appreciate environment.
After industrial revolt of 1779 green house gasses are increased in huge amount by human ,in West countries people have cut forests and harmed environment for consumerism,so consumerism is also responsible for Climate change.
West countries produce almost 70% of a total of green house gasses produced by whole world and import everything from outside for consumption for that they are needed to export their raw material.
Increasing green house gasses affect ozone depletion also , ozone save us from ultra Violet waves comes from sun light.
Approximately 3 countries(U.S.A,Russia,Japan) produce total of 20mt+11.75mt+9.0miteric ton=40.75metric ton carbon dioxide while india produce only 1metric ton of co2/per annum.
Climate change directly affects people's soci-ecomical status and their living hood/culture, it can be harm us very badly,increasing temp of sun could melt the glacials that's why possibilities of submergence of coastal cities could be enhance , could harm agriculture Sector,could effect on export import,could harm attitudinal zonation , reduction in orchids areas and production,submergence of island and much more could affected by Climate change and increasing in temperature.
It is very important issue for world to concern over how to tackle Climate change?
Heavy taxes should be imposed on countries which produce co2 in high quantity and green house gasses and much more had done previously we will discuss-
In 1992 earth summit in Rio was hold ,it had passed a resolution for reducing production of green house gasses with 154 nations signature,all 153 have signed but U.S.A didn't,Why?
The Montreal protocol was a program of reducing gasses which harm ozone layer,196 nations had signed on it,it aim was to stable ozone layer in it general condition and aimed to reduce 50% CFC producing by 2050.
Kyoto protocol 1997 on Climate change was hold in Japan,on which 141 nations had signed ,it was aimed to reduce green house gasses of 5.2% and main thing was that USA had boycotted it's agreement who produce itself 33% of CHG gasses in world.why?
Why not action was taken against usa?
Montred action plan,Bali summit,Poznan summit and Cancan summit were also organised for aiming reduction of green house gasses and bring temperature 2℃ down by 2050.
And in recent Paris Summit 2016 on Climate change is hold and aim is to emissions of 55% of global green house gasses,194 nations have signed
So a lot of done and a lot of to do is remain but condition is tit for tat or not well despite of various treaties signed by world .
The main cause is that developed countries impose bound on developing countries to reduce production of green house gasses but themselves they don't.
They(developed)  are increasing consumerism day by day and teaching to other(developing) that they must be care their environment and ecosystem.
How long it will go?
We developing countries are looking forward to green energy,green manure but developed countries not?
For them Climate change is a non issue and all boundaries are for only developing countries?
All summit should rethink on it.
Everyone should be equally responsible for delivering the best to save ana keeping safe our nature and ecosystem.
How can we save our nature and ecosystem and can stop of happening Climate change?-
We have to stop deforestation immediately and prevent of shifting cultivation.
We have to use green manuring in cultivation rather than other harmful manure.
We have to loOk forward to the green energy(hydro electricity etc)
We have to enhance environmental awareness and education.
We have to develop non-conutinal source of energy.
We have to do reduction of consumerism in the developed countries immediately.
We have to use bio-mass energy which can be replaced by petrol,diesel etc.
We have to control our population growth in the developing countries especially.
We have to do afforestation,not  only for creating History that how many plants you planted but also care it's till it's complete growth.


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