Why Rapes happen in India?

Many decades ago Women assertion was happen in Western civilization in them Rape of womens were one but now its happen in india and in a large number but why ?
In india every 4 minute a women or minor gets raped  even we are being  called the capital of rape now. Lets check –
The great mans used to say that without womens  progress our development is half of the real achievement even we could not called us developed.
There can be two cause of happening rapes in india , one is failure of law and order or administration and second is our society. So first we should analysts our society –
We are struggling between india and Bharat, many decades ago our womens were not allowed to move,walk,go,sit anywhere,doing work,doing love by choice,look at boys etc which were very rude and this civilization was being called ‘Bhartiy Sanskriti’. Essentially we have very large burden of our exploitation civilization and womens right was very limited,she had to get marry in just 14 age of years and she had to stay at home evrytime and serve of husband at any cost. But since indian constitution came into force,womens rights are equal to mans rights and they are getting their presence in every sector, there is no boudation of any types of sentimental on everyone, we gets freedom for eating,wearing,walking,getting opportunity. But we still now can see that country has changed now in papers but not mentally.
This is a very long story but we talk in the few points, after independence we had 68 crore population but in 2011 we have 125 crore population so its clearly show that the people were attracted toward sex after independence perhaps there was no plan of control of population and not now and all of these population we have a large number of youth at least 64%. There is many difference between the youth , we are still divided in rural and urban and ancient and modern india, modern india which drives according to constitution fully but in rural india we still face lack of knowledge of indian constitution and live according religion rule. Infact we changed in very short time, thousand years of civilization can not be break in 69 years only but it can be changed in few times for that implementation should be very good.
When a boy takes birth in rural india,he see very traditional india, his mother was in full saree,his mother was in full paint-shirt and his sister was in full dress. When he goes to college,meet friends they were also same as he but when he became young,he watch television in which some girls were in short dress or very bold or passionate because he was young so a question came to his mind that what is this and where it happen and why? But he could not ask to his parents because he know if he ask,parents will scold them and say what you see but his sex excitement goes wake up because he was young and because we did not get good education yet. One day he goes to city for perusing graduation what he see there that some girls are talking with boys,walking with boys and wear fancy dress and short clothes but he does not get understand that what he should do,because his sex excitement was up since he watched television, he wanted to like a girl,walk with her,share with her,study with her but being rude and ‘dehati’ he cant but he attract only on short dress and first he assault a girl and then raped with his rude friends.
Womens are being target for their illiteracy, there is 35% womens are illiterate.
And another side a girl who takes birth in rural india,comes to city and gets raped because city boys know this girl don’t know about law&constitution and cant raise because she was never taught to raise in rural india. When a city girl travels to rural she gets raped because of rural boys rudeness and sex excitement and because she looks like a Bollywood actress as boys watched on TV. But we cant say this thing and television is responsible,essentially television shows reality of society and a way which can be carry us forward.
Even man who support women empowerment and march when this type of cases happen in morning and in night man rapes women or assault.
And this thing increase very soon from seeing to others, even now people takes benefit of womens compulsion in many way,for giving them job,selecting in college etc. so this is the society now we talk about our law and order and administration-
Government is saying ‘mera desh badal raha hai’ but how? When a rape happens in india it hurts very much and introduce all of us as guilty ,this is very shameful. In the largest democracy and republican state we describe rape in several way and punishment for each other is different like assaulting a women,abusing a women,touching a women,touching a minor,intercourse without women consent, rape by manager,rape by servant,and brutal rape and murdered we have singular punishment for everything because of having human rights passiveness but what about human rights if our womens and citizens are not safe and cant take clean breath in society, our law and IPC,CrPC describe rape in the following section-
Section 375- against her will,without consent,with or without her will if her age in under 16.
Section 351- assault of womens
Section 366(A)- precaution of minor girl
Section 376- punishment of rape
Section 376(A)- intercourse by a man with his wife doing separation- could be punished for 2 year or fined.
Section 376(B) – intercourse by public servant –could be punished for 2 years.
Section 376(C)- intercourse by supplemental of jail
Section 376(D)- intercourse by manager
Section 377- brutal rape with murder- could be punished for life time.
This law will work then when complaint from exploiter will registered otherwise our law and order situation is very bad and this works only for a particular important group if this belong to the rich,if this group belong to high caste,if this belong to any plitical party or others individuals who belong to gundaraj.. our law and order situation has become worse and complaint doesn’t register if exploiter doesn’t belong to these group,only few complaints get register and those which register we are up on the tape if we see NCRB datas of past 4 years, we will find a huge incrementalism in numbers of being raped,even national women commission summons to people when minister caught in sex CD etc.
Now we try to understand with a story that how law works with womens –
A girl work at office when she return by a road some boys met her and assault her or comment badly on her and they do it daily, one day girl gets angry and complaint against these boys and police arrests them and they pay fine and gets bail,once again boys meet her and harassed her now again she complaint and again they pay fine or gets jail for two years and gets bail,once again boys meet her and raped that girl and boys are sent to jail for ten years after they came back and raped her again brutally and murdered then they get life time jail.
And that girl were getting  scare everyday since boys assaulted her.
A women is trying to find job and finally she gets but condition is imposed on that girl that she has to being raped by boss and girl does because if she forbade she cant get this job and boss rapes her daily one day girl gets anger and complaint in police,police arrests him and sent boss jail for ten years that is no guarantee  that boss will not do so again.
A girl goes to temple and gets raped by worshiper because worshiper knows punishment is very low and excitement is up now.
Girls who study in schools when they return to houses they find herself pregnant and punishment for public servant is for two years.
A lover gets carry off a girl and raped her when she file complaint,she was said that doing sex with choice doesn’t come as punishment.
So why punishment for every type of works doing against a girl will or consent should be one?
Does a girl not hurt when she was called in bad comment or she was touched by conservative mans,does a women not hurt when man abused her, we are in very critical situation we must bring a very hard law in which doing all types of thing against a women consent is one punishment and it should be count in the rape word. We should fix a punishment for maximum 20years jail for everyone for doing anything with women's against their will and probe should be do clearly and accused who will harass a girl will be boycotted for joying any government,private sector. And we should also snatch all the human rights from them because they are not human.
So we clearly can see society and law and law and order are responsible for happening rapes across india. We must increase very fast connectivity between rural and urban and amendment is require in law and must tight up our law&order.
Unless rape and harassment will not stop,talking about women empowerment is worse.
-         Shubham Kamal


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