The Surgical Strike

after uri Attack ,In which our 19 soldiers were martyred, India  was boiling from anger and requesting and forcing to our central government to make Pakistan pay for this kind of coward attack, that day BSF DGMO was promised to India that Indian army is able to respond and will respond and time and place will be chosen by army.
after few days DGMO and MEA’s Spoke Person addresses a press conference and told to nation that Indian army has conducted a surgical strike over terrorists launching pad in Pak Occupied Kashmir yesterday night and we have made them very casual. because terrorists were planning to attack in soil of India and we have right to defense us on front.
as the news air atmosphere gets change, every Indian was feeling himself lucky to have such soldiers and thumbing chest for retort to Pakistan.
this story became the top story of international media and national media. now everyone was congratulating to Indian Army for this brave step and praising PM Modi for their govt’s political will.
day to night and night to day only one top news was airing that we have made Pakistan paid in their own language.
before this operation PM modi had bated with diplomatic bat and tried to isolate Pakistan from Indus water treaty to SAARC summit and from UNGA address to Kerala’s Rally. and discussion on snatch MFN quota to Pakistan.
I appreciate his diplomatic front .
but story starts here..
2-Credit War-   
as soon as news gets publicity, a trend on social media goes viral that is #ModiPunishPak and person behind posting with this trend was trying to show that only PM Modi could do so and has done.
this trend mean that credit goes to only PM Modi. and in this trend persons were abusing to them who had justified PM Modi chest after Uri Attack.
another trend was trending there, name was #IsaluteIndianArmy but it was trending at no.4-5 expect to trend #ModiPunishPak at no1.
and some channels were also airing with dialogue like ‘Modi Ka Badla’ or ‘Modi Ka Karara Jawab’ or ’56 inch Rock’
there was looking that only PM Modi and BJP knows that how to tame Pakistan,on the other side Indian National Congress was claiming that surgical strikes also took place in their time but for nation security it kept close.
but remember for indian army national security and nation comes first. they don’t get any credit for their work, this is a duty and opportunity to serve country.
no one can doubt that this surgical strike has increased BJP and PM Modi’s political strength.
but I think our democracy knows well everything. who to get credit.
3.Different People,Differents Opinion –
on that day some politicians remarked that there should be no entry to Pakistan artist in Bollywood. Bollywood reacted with the point that art and terrorism is two very different things.
there should be no comparison between art and terrorism. actors are not terrorist. now again some channels started to counter persons those were supporting or in favour with Art and suddenly change their stand from Praising Modi to saluting Indian Army and said “soldiers are ding on borders in that situation how could be praise Pakistan at any way. its all thing was looking like that changer of their stand from Praising PM modi to Saluting army care a lot of indian army but this is different thing that they were ever asked to his govt for look after martyr’s families? but  they were abusing to them and trying   to pull them who were trending with #Isalutearmy because in that trend peoples are congratulating army and supporting Art.
and media was trying to introduce them as anti-national. ok now pak actors had been leaved india.
but one question was not raising there that well wisher of India army how much care our indian army and Marty’s families and how many times appealed to govt that ensure their future but at the place of it they only were naming army for TRP after story they will forget.
4. Prapoganda War-
as well as Indian claims for surgical strike in PoK, Pakistan false prapoganda to dilute issue of sponsoring terror gets started. Pakistan as always denied that no surgical strike had taken place in our PoK and called international media for verify india claims but this is very true that india army has conducted surgical strike and Pakistan knows well that it has been picketed across world to be accused for promoting terror. on the other side Terrorist Hafeez Sayeed is provoking india openly.
this could be a threat further . as Pakistan is telling lie and china is with them even to help pak china has stopped a river water coming from there. it can be affect to indian state Assam and Tripura for lacking water.
how government to face and counter both,knows very well. we can damage pakistan’s fake prapoganda by diplomatically.
crisis have been also started in Pakistan about Pakistan further action after india army has well conducted surgical strike. there is much pressure on PM Nawaj Sharif and Army Chief Rahil Sharif, that’s why Pakistan is getting china’s help.
there is many way and option to counter Pakistan and china but this decision should be leaved on govt.
but india said clearly that it is capable for self-defense and respond to anyone who will harm india.
5.Politics over strike-
first thing we know and should know that there can never be doubt on our army’s capability and determination. we are safe in our home until a border man is standing on border. from -50’c to +50’c our soldiers serve country. our soldiers never prove their capability and determination by addressing press conference or cracking exams or elected, their bullets and determination and victory and passion prove their capability.
just after this strike politics gets start. in the first row Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sends a message and write “I salute PM Modi for his political will and requested to him as we have killed terrorists at their own heaven like we demolish Pakistan fraud that is it telling to international media that there is no strike has taken place here.”
as Mr. Kejriwal said it BJP takes a jibe on Kejriwal that he is a Pakistani ejent that’s why he is seeking for proofs.
after this statement another man from Indian National Congress open his mouth that we don’t understand what is reality of this strike(Sanjay Nirupam).
after this statement BJP boils up and saying this is very condemnable and a insult of indian army.
after few days in Uttar Pradesh where state election is goanna conduct in 2017. a big hording and posters posted on various city in which people thanked PM Modi directly for this surgical strike is gesturing that BJP wants to get credit of it. but now on this question BJP is keeping calm.
after day and day  politics are spoling everywhere another day Congress VP alleged PM Modi and BJP for doing ‘Khoon Ki Dalali(taking credit of Indian armys work).
in there eveybodys attempt to polarize this surgical strike for political benefits where the army exist I don’t know.
army has done his work very bravely and put nation and nation security first but politicians put politics first after nation, I can belive that such worst works can take place in india because who are seeking for proofs and who are using armys great work in banners for getting credit in UP Polls never care army’s life and martyr’s family and never go to border and never will be.
if they understand they had sent their childrens to border.
on this critical situation when our soldiers are martyring daily on border,we should walk and speak in one voice that is nationalism voice and to be one yet we are searching right and wrong and thinking for polls. this is very worst and low politics I have ever seen and not only one is accused, every political party whether it is BJP,Shiv Sena,Congress,MNS,AAP and following Media who is deciding right and wrong or loyal and disloyal in own style they are example of an antinational tone.
lets believe from this low level politics and behavior of the politics currently running may not affect soldiers intend and determination because them the country is first but it will surely hurt those who wants to join army and dreaming to serve country by going on border or who wants to make their career in Indian Defense . they will be hurt absolutely.
6.Why India should not release proofs and footage-
one side Pakistan is demanding for evidence and otherside it has been pressurized by own public to respond to india and Pakistan is spoiling false prapoganda that no strike were taken place in pok for counter and cool pressure and expose threat.
it is 100% true that indian army has conducted strike on terrorist camp in PoK successfully as previous but that time it was close and shut for threat if Security but this time it has been shared publicly .
it is also true that to releasing video footage of strike we can get praise from all over country and thumb our back and expose Pakistan clearly that this is the only country in Asia which promotes terror but as it good as it is a threat How-
1- releasing video footages will force Pakistan army to respond because crisis there can be boil up and it happen many lifes wll be lost both side.
2- releasing video will expose Pakistan as terrorist state and this can be affect their business and market value.
3- UN can apply a ban on Pakistan.
4- good relationship will never improve in future.
5- world will be able to understand Indian army movement and preparation how they work and move.
6- pressure on Pakistan will go towards war between india and Pakistan because then they will have to respond.
7- Both sides Many humans can be affected harmly.
8- if war took place then we will be go to very long from this stage of growing.
this is time when we never go with war because we are still developing country and our growth rate is almost 7% and looking forward it in double digit by 2020 and we are fast growing economy. we are growing in business sector fastly. our GDP rate is almost 7.6%. our GDP,GPE,GNP,NNP are also increasing. our export/import has been increased. our ISRO is getting success day by day. economy is boosting, health is improving. we are looking to live in developed india. and war will push us very far from this stage where we stand right now so any type of war can not be solution for both sides. our priority is to fight with terrorism instead of poverty,low growth rate,unhealthy,uneducation,  that’s why we cant go with war option after releasing video footage and evidences. our priority is to finish terrorism that we have done, we have not attacked on any indivisual country, we attacked on terrorism which could be harm to anyone.
govt must go ahead with not releasing evidences. we can expose Pakistan by diplomatically and from isolation and backing from top country.
indian army has not a little confusion to release evidences because they are ready for anytype of explosion but India has.
now who are demanding proofs must understand that why we may not do it.
7. Conclusion-
as we can see this surgical strike means a lot, a message to world , a response to Pakistan, a warning to terrorists and much politics included in that and continuously, a political will we  have seen and credit and prapoganda war is also going,Media differents version. so we can call this surgical strike “the Surgical Strike”

Thank You:                                                                                        
                                                                             -Shubham Kamal


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