An Open Letter to Prime Minister Of India

Honorable Prime Minister of India
Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi,
I am not any diplomats , I am not any politician ,I am not any adviser ,I don’t belong to riches, I don’t belong to any armed forces, I am not defense expert, I am speaking as Citizen of India and according to constitution I have right to elect and right to ask ,right to say. I am common man.
in 2014 election I have heard you with a dossier of development formulas, I remember, you said “this is so shameful that anybody had carried our one  jawans head and we was keep seeing” and you promised that if any country will hit  us by bullet than we will respond with heavy bullets. You also promised to us that if Pakistan attacks on us, we are required to go Pakistan not united nation. You always hit previous government on external issues.
I had voted for you and you were back on action.  Now Your ministers were free to target Pakistan everywhere, anytime, anyway  ,in any election rally but you did not care, you had got majority in parliamentary election.
but after some time infiltration gets started by Pak at different places, first in gurdaspur(Punjab),There were our soldiers martyred but then we had believe on you that you will give respond hard as well as required but You did not.
You only assured us that Talk and Terror don’t move together, you exposed Pakistan in different country and different stage, still we were not get forget it another attack took place in Pathankot where our 7 brave soldiers were martyred and 4 terrorist were killed, this attack was cowardice because just before it happen you had visited Pakistan for attend a personal function, it was very disgraceful and you promised again that accused could not go unpunished but nothing happened rather than a strong message should have sent, but you invited Pakistan National Agency to probe but as the same way they denied after their visit, once again you raised in United Nation and different International summit but Pakistan just like before told to world that they are unable to take action because they were not given sufficient prove to clarify that Pakistan was behind of this attack, but we believed you once again, as this was end our Kashmir got burning and no other than Pakistan was behind of it but You only Raised in parliament and Social Media what you should do you did not .
But you raised the issue of Baluchistan from red fort Delhi. Now it was goanna be very crucial for you to tackle Pakistan instead of China.
but this time all boundaries has been crossed by Pakistan as they attack on our army camp in Uri (Jammu&Kashmir) and our 18 brave solders got martyred and 25 are injured. for you and your government this one could be a number or a large number but we and our countries have lost much more, first thing about it .
it exposes your foreign policy and second one it exposes that how you were in defensive mood and third one is you are unable to pressurize Pakistan at any way or there is no effect on Pakistan of your raising because we only raise and Pakistan does.
after this attack you are tweeted that we salute to soldiers and who is behind of this infiltration won’t go unpunished now our anger gets over and you are trying to heel us by using twitter as your tweet is a bomb and it goanna be fall in Pakistan’s terrorists camp and your ministers are tweeting and saying, about this time we stand with martyrs families shoulder to shoulder. We remind your words again as you had said before of became Prime Minister.
Because you had blackmailed us emotionally that time and you touched young’s nerve very clear to convert our emotions into vote for them.
Now how you respond you know better than us because we know only about such language which you had spoken in 2014 or in election.. But you knew that it so much easier to say and hard to do when it comes to tackle Pakistan
if you choose that you will expose and isolated Pakistan on every step that is very unfortunate because it is already exposed that Pakistan sponsors terror ,no doubt ..
your attempts to respond Pakistan we don’t understand because now will constituted a probe team like NIA,CBI.CID and it will give report in longtime meanwhile a next attack will  take place.
Nation is boiling and enough is enough we can’t accept it any more or even next time.
I think you should respond to Pakistan in same way as Pakistan understand but if you will not do it, we will not elect you next time because we belong to that situation when a soldiers Marty. And you can not only blame Pakistan long, you have to take action because action is the best formula than raise.
As USA did why we can’t do.    
Now your first priorities to pay real tribute to martyr’s and ensure their families education and future that could be the best tribute.
And don’t forget that this time peoples are looking at you very deeply and keeping your promises complete when it comes to security issues.

                                                                                                Jai Hind…..            
                                                                                              -Shubham Kamal 
                                                                                              - Shubham Kamal Facebook


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