Things Behind Kannhaiya's Strong Speech

  What Came In Kanhaiya’s Mind After Released From Jail
On 9th of February 2016,In JNU some students were charged with sedition due to raised anti-national slogan and endorsing Afjal Guru(Anti-National) on the basis of Videos got at the time.JNUSUI president Kanhaiya Kumar was involved in one of them,When Kanhaiya was in delhi police custody because the police have been told by Central Government to imposing continue sedition and pressuring Kanhaiya and his other fellows. Delhi Police former chief B.S. Bassi used to say that they have proper evidence against Kanhaiya Kumar,Umar Khalid and other and they raised Anti-National Slogans another side India’s Home Minister Honorable Rajnath Singh told to media that Terrorist Hafeej Saeed was behind of this incident and continue contacted JNU’s Student to demolish atmosphere.
Now case was in Patiala High Court Delhi where Court ordered to a Cyber cell that probe of Videos and 7 videos were found doctored and Put the government and country against in videos while Kanhaiya Could be clearly seen that he was chanting against central govt for not adhibiting verdict to Rohit Vemula(HU Scholar) soon as he had committed suicide due to exploiting for his caste. After probe court said that Kanhaiya is innocent and he has not done anything anti-india and asked to police what is the mean by Sedition?
After 13 days of police custody,Kanhaiya was released from Tihar Jail and carried to there where he belong,mean JNU campus by a separate way and separate car.
It should be clear that kanhaiya was emerged by his speech and electric slogans in favor of Rohit Vemula and injustice by RSS but then he stayed in campus and his voice did not run over india but now when he reached in campus again,there were a huge crowd of students,journalists,Teachers,Professer and All they gathered there to support Kanhaiya and take a view What he used to say and say now.
When Kanhaiya will be in jailed,he will have been thinking that he was beaten up outside the court,He was shown as born Anti-National,He was treated as terrorist in jail and he was defined as he keep conservative ideology by some groups of media channels. Obviously he will be very angry,Anxious and he knew that he was gonna be  address a public conference in JNU,he will have thought that now time has come to explain everything clearly to India that what is wrong and right, then instead of anxious he will be very emotional as his mother given statement that my son has been charged with sedition,so Modi ji does man ki baat instead of that ever he is required to do Maan ki baat.and he will be in gushingly that now time to howling and retort those who defined him Anti-India.
When he reached at campus he shouted same slogans that got him in trouble recently and clearly again mentioned that “ We want Freedom In India not to India and there is a very big difference between IN and TO,
He don’t want to get freedom to India but he want freedom to poverty,hunger,inequality,injustice,corruption,casteism,communialism and freedom of expression and speech and liar Politicians and discrimination.
His strong speech made him more confident to put his points that he always made before and making still. And alleged to Central govt that they want to push our unite voices and want to shut down JNU and want to dilute their fight against injustice and Kanhaiya warned that You(Central Govt) cant stop us to adhibit verdict for Rohit Vemula and cant dilute their fight that they fighting to discrimination and adhibit to rights for Minorty,Downtroddens,Womens.
We could clearly see how much kanhaiya was howling,was angry,was crying,was emotional and he said sedition cant be use on students as a political tool.
Kanhaiya’s emotions were clearly indicating what happened if someone belong to poor background, pursue P.H.D,is made targeted to don’t raise for injustice .
After his speech kanhaiya emerged as new revolutionary political star and now he goes to different state and attend meetings and a enough crowd come there to endorse him and his ideology, some journalists see in him a hidden pain and vision that he want to show clearly and openly now in front of the India and for to explain more about him he has decided to write a book ‘Bihar To Tihar’.
Kanhaiya also slam to news channels which were defining him anti-national through doctored videos. Everything were present in his speech from pain to aim and vision to fearless.
I want to end this stanza by following lines-
Baba saheb Amedkar said We will establish Social democracy if some one want to carry forward it,is it disloyalty?
If someone want to point out” Democracy is indispensible to socialism”. Is it disloyalty?
If someone begs freedom to casteism,untouchbility,inequality,injustice and rights to downtrodden,minorities,womens. Is it disloyalty?
If these things are disloyal then what is loyalty,to chant only ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ is real nationalism ?

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