Rape Theory In India And Dalit(SC/ST) Factor

                        Rape Theory in India and Dalit factor
“She wanted to became a lawyer and fight to discrimination”- Jisha’s mother
In recent we have seen a brutal case in kerala state of india where a law student  Jisha was brutally raped and murdered as we saw on December 16,2012 in delhi . girl Nirbhaya was affected by same incident when crisis were on fire and people from across the world were protesting and demanding verdict of Nirbhaya’s death.from that issue govt of UPA slipped down in 2014 over women empowerment and women safety.
But after that accused were punished and rape crime is not punished still. In kerala a law student who belong  to dalit community was raped and murdered and fact to clear that after 5 days of incident police was not taking any action on accused while media trial is going on still. As we same saw in Muktsar,Punjab where a dalit girl was dragged and raped in front of CCTV camera and even inspite of footage presence of incident,police was blind and not taking action till 5 days and she was dalit also there media trial was going on. But still we are finding that why action does not taken as soon as possible or quick. After interfere of schedule cast commission  one accused was arrested in Punjab .
Its quite matter that afflicted is who and which community and caste she belong.is it. I think no it does not matter that where she comes,caste and religion. But we have found it in a study that being molested and raped of lower caste and dalit community is so high than any other community or religion in hard number figure. A survey indicate that in each 8 minute a dalit girl is molesting and raped and each 20 minute a general girl is molesting and raped. That the hard figure shows what  is condition of india on the issue of reducing rape cases.
Strong law and provision and constitutional rights are provided early and even after Nirbhaya’s case law became more strong like juvenile justice was added there and many others law have been provided recently. Yet cases are not stoppable.why?
Either the threat of these laws are not active in public mind or inspite of know these laws people believe  on their muscle power to handle it or people are afraid from these laws.
In 2016 12000 cases have recorded of rape issue.this hard figure make us angry and absolutely.
Why dalit community is targeted by people. I think reason could be their lack of education,knowledge,awareness and power or economical poor status.
People think that they can make targeted to dalits easily for rape they are unable to put their voice,they are struggling to their poor economical condition and how long they can fight in court or public place and the other side when a different general girl is molested public stand with her until fight of addicted verdict to her because public know that she is capable to fight last long or till the end  and will win because that’s girl are empowered and powerful by economical and muscle power also.
To molesting and raped of dalits girls by other hindu caste,this reason could be exist that religion hindu directed that do exploit of Sudra(SC/ST).
But any way in 21st century  there should not be difference between a dalit girl and other girl because crime is crime wherever it take places,doesn’t matter and best thing to know about how dare people to do this.
During molesting a girl by rapist why threat of laws and verdict doesn’t come in their mind?
Has mindset of public been changed instead of views on girl?
Or knowly they do this?
Administration always take off by saying complaints doesn’t register then what they can do? But is also a fact as we saw and heard in kerala and Punjab from afflicted-
That they have registered complaints the same day when this incident has taken place. In kerala jish’s mother tell that she has registered complaint of harassment of his girl one month ago  and but police gone the ignoring. Why she is dalit! Or other types of pressure was working on police.
In Muktsar,Punjab girl said that she has registered complaint early and inspite of proof available as CCTV footage action was not taken by police immediately.
But it is also a fact that registered 42% cases of rape and harassment are fake in a year while registar were not dalit. Law has made,provision has made but action is none always because action taken on them only those who poors or not related to any political party action doesn’t taken on them because they intimidate and thrashed to afflicted that they will insult of them in society and reject them for usually things to live life.
In kannauj we saw a dalit girl was raped in the front of their parents eye and accused were muslims and action was none .only cash as provided to the afflicted family and because party scare of their insult for upcoming times and election.
Some cases got misjudge due political interfere no doubt!
Thousand of cases registerd every year but action take places only on few which is on focus and many cases doesn’t registered due to lost of their respect  towards society or intimidation.
Why dalit factor matter? –
Because act and provision are provided to stop exploition of dalits specially like sc/st act and many others,yet cases are going on and happening.
But why it doesn’t stop that’s some fact may be exist here.—  
In rural areas parents are so involved in rude past tradition,they always believe to being stay girl at home until her marriage. If a rape case take place there first they  try much to compromise  and other side they think if they put voice against it, society will spilt on them to not care even their girl and they will be insulted if they raise even once that’s why people don’t try to registered case if they register then they don’t now what to do next or further action because they are illerate and if they fight rural areas peoples don’t stand with afflicted because they think rape word doesn’t matter for them but their girls completely marriage matter to be done right.
Standing people think and believe if they stand with afflicted they will be also insulted by being involved in rape matter. But this cowardness doesn’t requirement of the society now. To beg verdict is a crime? No. so there are so much rudeness take place in rural and belong to specially villages while urban is empowered.
I don’t know how many cases of rape happen there in a day and a year because of not putting this issue or not take seriously by rurals people. Parents also want to push this matter due to insult of them in cultural society then what we expect from others helping persons .
This rude things and conservative things or belief must be end soon and we have to raise voices together and by shoulder to shoulder against rape and harassment cases wherever it take places across the india.
In village 60% girls don’t get school in year due to fear of being molested on the way to school. Is this real and modern india ?
We should be empower and keep trying to make empower others.
A fast track action is require over such that cases.
Thank you-
                                                                     Shubham Kamal


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