Conspiracy against UPSC topper Tina Dabi To defame Dalits and Uplifting Poors

I am sad and feeling shameful as being a Indian citizen to know about Being top of Tina Dabi in UPSC civil services 2016 is going to be much controversial as soon as  days are passing but how it happen when a poor background boy and girl uplift and file his/her presentence in society.
It is  just controversial to being dalit(Schedule Cast) of UPSC topper Tina Dabi how this old think and view to not see downtrodden uplifting is present still, even in 21st century when we are fighting for equality ,gender equality ,socialism ,equal rights for everyone as the constitution of india mentioned in article 12-30 and from 330 to fifth list.
New debate is growing on topic of uplifting downtrodden and poors, someone are taking on Tina Dabi that she has become topper by reservation policy but they should have know that reservation policy doesn’t apply in civil services exams of UPSC.
Yet some wise person from political party and another side some well-known journalists are also involved to give birth of this unnecessary debate and some political party leaders are trying to enhance their reputation as high-cast thinker want to put benefit to collect high-cast vote bank. But what will we get after this? I think only and only discrimination in society .
If someone uplift from poverty and discrimination we are required to appreciate his/her because he/she has fought very long but this doesn’t seem In india .
Still past think and way to think about downtrodden and minority is still unchanged,high-class ang high-cast persons don’t want to see uplifting down cast as we are seeing in Haryana and many states in which one of rude village belong to Tamilnadu known by Nellore.
The real cause of taking birth this unnecessary controversy is ranked in Exam as list mention that a Dalit girl Tina Dabi is on top and second one is Athar Amir who belong to Indias exclusive state Jammu&Kashmir and is a minor and third one belong to Sikh community so there is not just focused on Tina Dabi by These conservatives groups of person but also scaring to uplifting minors.
My word can be louder among those but message is real only one Which B.R Amedkar  dreamed , Mahatma Gandhi dreamed and Indira Gandhi and Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had given.
So before commenting on Tina Dabi’s career we should check the reality behind of her hard work to get on top.
Don’t try hard to pull Tina Dabi in unnecessary controversy, this will be final warning to tolerant peoples.
You(conservatives) cant stop us to establish Socialism and equality for everyone.
If we take a look on Tina Dabi’s vision that is fight to discrimination in gender in Haryana state so whats your problem?
You will push those raising voices which wants to fight to gender equality,discrimination.downtroddens and minority rights?
As we saw in kerala where a law student want to become lawyer and fight to discrimination,was brutally raped and murderd name was Jisha.
So here is an IAS officer and you cant stop her.
If you want to end of reservation from all thing you have to clear all the fact. From poona act 1932 to article 330 and expulsion of dalits happening from a 7 decade. If you want to establish Manuwaad and hailing manusmiriti thoughts again.
Government only give us 6% employment and otherside private sector give 34% employment so if everyone seeks to get an attendance only in government sector then you are wrong.
Only Manusmiriti tells us that there is only  high-class deserve general  cast if you think that till now you are wrong constitution mentioned equality in article 16.
Who will work at Manrega?only SCs or Minors?
Who will work in private sector?
Who will work at low post?
Who will work for socialism?
Who will teach to SCs and Minors child?
A survey tell us 82% of Indias population earn 20/- per days and they don’t raise against reservation. Because they want socialism.
Only general caste raise,Why? If they have much talent than they can serve society by working in low posts.
#TinaDabi                                                                                 -Shubham Kamal


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