"THIRST 2016"

                                                      “THIRST 2016”
Nowadays in India several peoples are suffering with their life to live not well but minimum lives even even.
Where India is going is a dangerous way is getting ,Many people’s paying prices for their life innocently , after sometimes now  India is stand on critical situation this situation is created by nature but natural things is not in our hand but its Solving may be in our hand and it is!
But now it doesn’t seem to improve this situation by government ,situation is like that as peoples are saying please provide help to us otherwise you will be burn us into ash .
Now I start by prelims ..
I am sad about to see the natural disaster over 30% India as Drought. it hit hard over Maharastra,Latur,Madhya Pradesh,Karnataka,JharKhand and something in Uttar Pradesh .
Over 12 lakh peoples are affected by this when I studied more about it I got a painful story inside ..
I am telling you first the situation in Maharashtra and Latur Village ,in city doctors have forbidden  operation due to water crisis its suddenly taking injured people into die.
If you know about crisis in latur to live life you may be unhappy peoples go down under 60 fit bore to find one pot water, a man said to me that we stand here for minimum 12 hours daily to get water for control our thirst and doesn’t wash and bath till 15-20 days ,there were strong and powered leader who posses bore well by their power such that peoples much try them to be sad and anger .
A group of 20 people from pakharsangvi a village of 15000 people on the outskirts of latur ,has queued up at valve to get perhaps a pot of drinking water .
Around 200 meter behind them has been converted into white field.
Peoples say to me that the security has water for plants not for us , a youth leader met me and say an educated youth venting his forestation at having to stand in the sun all day while . they drives us away whenever we try to reach close to the site. We are forced to buy water from private vendors at rs 150 rs per l;iter then in forcing we sell things in market to buy a 1 hour life.

The 12 lakh residents of latur paying their life as price for the mismanagement of politicians and administration .
Almost 70% of residents there have own bore wells but they all have dried .in MP one general boy beaten up for drink one drop water.
In fact-
Approximately 4000 farmers have chosen suicide.
Over 3000 farmers have been leaved village to escape crisis but at now they were not safe even.
Over 12 lakh residents are affected by this.
Public is trying to direct government to so do something for them.
Students having leaved their study are searching water for mile and Km.
Youth has been disagreed by action taken over them.
Pipeline which connect different state to Maharashtra ,broken up by thieves for store water at different places .
Some powered leader are forcing to buy water from their vendors.
Just a match on wankhede has taken 69 life’s recently.
Over 27000 villages are affected in Maharashtra .
3049 crore rs as fund released by center in 2015 didn’t reach at now.

Critical situation is created a lot hurt and meanwhile now BCCI have puten their life by hoisting IPL matches in Mumbai while Highcourt directed to BCCI that being held matches at wankhede must be shifted due to water crisis but Anurag Thakur said even peoples want rupees or water(life’s).
Shameful neither govt giving them case nor water till now.
Before sometimes High court ordered to center and affected areas govt to carry water by railway to reach there but truth are different. It’s simply indicate that how much government and center serious about this crisis and careless step taking right now.
Drought is very prelim problem to be solve ,now its amaze that solution is much away but helps are still remain .
People there say government focus on these day when election is being held.
Its most thing to know that around 45000 leakage in main pipeline, meanwhile ,a village residents are running out of their patience and planning to loot the train carrying water as they did in 2012.
Social worker got angry and say “we are being constantly neglected .we will loot the train this time too.”
As in recent past we saw tragedy in Bundelkhand also where people were agree to eat bread made by grass due to water crisis .there were reason of mismanagement and administrations .
IPC 144 is imposed affected residence to control Crisis being held ..but I say this action was not needy if managed well there before drought ..
Here employees are distributing certificate of nationalism and there real nationalist are dying left and right across the country I think this is not a main part in their nationalism booklet .
Since 65 years we are seeing this type seen we are now independent right now and can not called nationalist if it problem unsolved till now our first and basic and fundamental duty is to make happy here’s residents happy after others .
This too much fault created since long way by different governments .
No solutions are made till date and I ask why ?
This pain hurts billions and rural across the world we cannot stake over it for longtime, we should not give a chance to others at joke on us..i thinks if backbone will not be safe you cannot run even walk. a lot dams are presented in India but east or west has been drive away from it or Skate over.
7000 liters water was used to cruet wankhede pitch after that 69 farmers got dead with heavy thirst. If you say chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai otherwise you will be beheaded then you must understand here that if you cant save our land due to drought .,farmers, residents then you are killing your Bharat Mata …
If Bharat Mata is your like mother then why are you going away to take over these responsibilities ,of to care public,farmers,land, do they not stay on this land of bharat mata or not sons of Bharat Mata?....
And who posses bore wells they should be punished .why they are not punished ?
45000 leakage whom do?
Questions are many but solution is much needed now.

We have dams on river Ganga but not on river Brahmaputra ,if we try to make a dam on it ,can help east-west surface and no need to carry water from other states.
Brahmaputra river connect east and west  respectively.
And try to think solve it.                                                         
                                                                      Shubham Kamal


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