Salmaan Khan-"Brand Ambassador"

Government of India nominated Salmaan Khan ‘Brand Ambassador for Rio Olympic 2016 to presenting  side of Indian sports and athletes. Government of india think that after joining Indian sports side in Olympic by salmaan khan these sports and athlete will get more popularity.Yes it is!
But some athletes are angry with this decision of government of india . they say Salmaan khan is not a sportsman so what they can give in it also say that thay are not much aware of its spirit and passion. He is only a bollywood actor and bollywood star’s popularity only belong to bollywood and his fanatic fans .
Indian wrestler Yogeshar Datt spoken to media that “a former sportsman and fomous sports person should be replaced to Salmaan Khan” and he is disagree the reason is why he opposing to not choose any actor ,actress as a brand ambassador to representing their side.
But Indian boxer Mary Kom said and took Salmaan alary “they will do what he can for sports and for its popularity will be boomed and boosted from past. And another side boxer Vijendra Singh took salmaan side also.
But it is need to well known if actor,actress join ceremony or its side,the popularity will be increased itself.or not!
Sportsman say sports is for sportsman, by sportsman, and must be belong to sport.
We should not forget that in London Olympic senior amitabh bachchan flag of with a masaal and shown his supports and spirit and high anxiety and passion that he aimed that we Indians is not only made or mad for cricket but also love every game related to indias honour and respect which represent Indians we love them . who represent Indian sports in any of the game but name name india must be big and huge for a long while.
That spirit of amitabh ji take pride in each Indians hearts .
In a survey 50% Indians don’t know well about Indian athletes who belong to Olympic and win medals. When they win medals we became happy and appreciate their works but for a sort time and after few days we started forgetting them as well and government too.
Why cricket is so popular in india with respect to other games because its popularity comes from much advertising and to attending and presents by actor and actress, from their performance and work,and their attendance in stadium during the game play.
Even who knew the flying sikh ,milkha singh before coming a feature film on him “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” like that when Indians watched Chakde India from Shahrukh khan then more Indians was much attracted towards female and male hockey game whereas more persons did not know its rule and ride.
And from movie lagan we learnt much its spirit and passion of cricket,how a Indian sportsperson all out his fights for taking pride toward india and indias game.
Even who know the all rule of hockey ,tennis,wrestling,gymnastics,and others Olympic games?  And why not the youth is not much attractive towards it and not more rising for these games and other side everyone and parents are in much loved with cricket?. Everyone wants to became a cricketer and parents do everything for this child’s desire to come true. From begging to earning and starting to the end.
But why more persons does not want to become like Saina,Saina Nehwal,Vijendra Singh,Susheel, or not want to became wrestler,runner, and many more because these games and its athletes are not in focus and lighting up thatswhy people don’t get more side of these but real heroes are here in Olympic who wins medals.
As we are tracking now a lady named gold medalist in gymnastics in rio olympic2016,name is #DeepaKarmakar.once she proved his ability to qualify and now is gold medalist but we will remember her for a sort while cause of not attract so much toward gymnastic.
I want increasement its popularity that it can be govern on million hearts instead of its passion and zeal so we have to try to come out these hiding focus. And it can be come out in frame by using actor and actress,politicians,writers popularity which have lots of popularity world wide then they can help for incresement of its promoting and popularity.
I am not saying that I am trying to ignore  them as they deserve and I have not any compassion towards them and their spirit to enlarge mometem of game.
I respect them very  much but in order to place in my heart they took places from last to middle but why not first that’s on I am trying to keep focus on these game.
Like major Dhyanchand and Milkha Singh.
As cricket is becoming fantabulous like that every game must growing and every hard worker sportsman should get their right honour and  resoect as they deserve.
So like in cricket we have to appoint a popular guys as ambassador to boost its popularity instead of economy and investment.
We have to appoint and choose them to escape these games spirits and atmosphere.
So salmaan khan is perfect to become Brand Ambassador of Indian side in Rio Olympic 2016. For his presence the game will get more and more popularity and public will get more learn and pull consecration of public mind.
We know well that Salmaan  Khan is only representing Indian side not this is very proud to him and his work is only for to promote these games.
No cause of revoke Salmaan’s membership as a Brand Ambassador .
Government wants to promote it and let them do so, it is beneficial for everyone, for a citizen,for a player,for economy,and for athlets as well…..    
                                                                                       Shubham Kamal



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