Story Of Indian Student| Life is under Expectations|

This blog is dedicated to those students who really wants to achieve their goal and capable to achieve or care about  their upcoming respect in future …..
As we know The total of persons has been increased much about expecting and while growing till now in india so that problems always hurt everyone everytime, in any way ..
Students who are basically intelligent also struck in growth of persons as growing because they are in doubt now in which sector they are trying to give their best and want to do something ,no one knows when this sector may filled or be involved in corruptions because who are basically intelligent and proper entitled they are not corrupt or their not value to invest more to get this.
Some students clear their goal soon and try to kick out in box in one time in which some students kick well and some students who were in confidence they loose,why the region behind was either their over confidence or they they missed it for their have more expectations from their parents or too much pressure about kick because who does so either they belong very rural areas where few are littered for this region it could also happen..
Now talk about those who dreamed  so much about their carrier or can say like who tried well and aft roll they goes miss miss again and again why it happen I think this happen too much for perhaps more expectations ..
Let’s talk about a student who generally dreamed so well and loose again and again
I am a student of 12 and not now caring so much about carrier because I belong to a poor family and after 12 I decide that I will serve nation and do something for nation to  join Indian armed force..
I take admission in a academy which fees is too high somehow parents collect it by not talking where have they collected and parents now also dreaming that his son will be succeed soon and shows how their family maintain to go for him …now I studied well now I came to know that some vacancies to be filled in Indian air force and forms goes start and I fill that after that I dreamed I will become airmen in one time and now I set my goal to in which sector I serve my service meanwhile a lot of time had been passed to choose one carrier option but I don’t care and studied well by try to leaving family conditions but now its not easy to forget conditions soon of my family and now I also care that after my achievement everything has gonna be better so I also dreamed now examination time has been came near and studying in under pressure now im ready to give my best after enroll in hall once this idea came again that me to solve my all problems after join ..
When I focus in paper I suddenly be surprised that this paper is out of my reach become before enrollment in hall I spent much of my time in pressure and not taken food or sleep as requirement and somehow I passed I pleased and go for next level of selection and this time is for be ready for interview now about to know that this is one step away from solutions of my family I got too much pressure ..i enroll in interview and well did now I wait for result suddenly I know that I m not included in passing students ,I got so much pain and I got a shock I not pick my parents call and when I came to home I just stared weeping strong and say to the parents I didn’t predicated of your exceptions,I am very sorry after some days my parents take me in believe and say you have another chance prepared well and hit again I started my preparations again and when forms applied and I came to know that my all chances has been passed my age is over now suddenly this I injured with a big shock and now I don’t get what to do now if I will say about this to the parents his hearts may occurs strongly they will feel so disappointed about me so I didn’t say now this big margin  born in my heart and mind like deadly cancer,This also happen IITans too and I/They  decided to stop of my life that time I don’t care about familiar and open option for my life and I choose option of suicide,,,,,,,????
So now you can understand why more than students of IIT and Achiever get lost with one stop of Suicide..
”for a student is matter their ability to predicated on expectations as well as  their life”    

                                                             Author -
                                                                                         Shubham Kamal



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