Malda district in West Bengal on Sunday
witnessed one of the worst communal riots in
the recent weeks. The riots started after an
Islamic group carried out a protest march
against hate speech by Akhil Bharat Hindu
Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari who
allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammed in UP.
Tiwari’s statement itself had come a day after
Samajwadi Party’s Azam Khan had called RSS
members as homosexuals!
The rally organized by Anjuman Ahle
Sunnatul Jamat had turned violent after
protesters set fire to more than two dozen
vehicles including those belonging to Border
Security Force. They also ransacked
Kaliachak police station and set it on fire.
Many Hindu houses, shops, and few temples
like Shani-temple and Durga Temple were
attacked as well.
The Malda violence is a typical case of the
outburst of communal hatred. A Muslim mob
targets Hindus, Hindu temples, and state
administration, which it perceives as being
predominantly ‘Hindu’. The immediate
provocation may have been the objectionable
statements made by Tiwari, but, the target
was clearly Hindu society which was
perceived as being ‘anti-Islamic’ by the
Muslim mob.
According to one report, the whole incident
may all have been pre-planned and it was
fuelled by anti-Hindu sentiment fanned by
local political parties. If this is true, then it
again goes to show how pan-Islam anti-
Hindu sentiments that were prevalent among
the Muslim community of Malda resulted in
the communal violence. The violence, thus, is
a typical case of intolerance. Yet, there is
hardly any proper coverage or outrage among
the ‘intellectuals’ and ‘eminences’ of India.
Politicians like Arvind Kejriwal who had
expressed serious outrage after the horrible
Dadri lynching incident are yet to compose a
single tweet about Malda violence. Similarly,
journalists who routinely express their
commitment to exposing ‘Hindu intolerance’
were all either silent or made politically
correct statements like this tweet by Rajdeep
The fact is the media, which routinely shouts
about Hindu Terror, Hindu Taliban, Hindu
Wahhabism, and Hindu Intolerance, refuse
to exhibit such openness when it comes to
terrorism, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, and
intolerance connected with Islamists, and the
Muslim community. The vocabulary
immediately changes to politically correct
terms like ‘minorities’, ‘all violence must be
condemned’, ‘terrorism has no religion’, etc.
The aftermath of Dadri lynching saw the
return of various awards by a large number
of writers and public intellectuals. There
were many open letters and petitions signed
by people regarding growing intolerance as
well. Yet, even four days after the Malda
violence, which was as ghastly as Dadri,
there has not been much display of outrage
among these conscience keepers of the
Moreover, quotes a senior editor of a
Bengali newspaper explaining how they have
‘deliberately’ kept the coverage of the
incident a low-key affair. The editor says:
“This is already a crime-prone area and we
didn’t feel it was important enough to be
given so much publicity. This is a case of
localized communal tension. We didn’t want
to create a problem when there isn’t one.
Some political parties have tried to build it
up. We have ignored it. This is a conscious
policy on our part .”
There is nothing wrong in downplaying a
localized communal tension if it is equally
done in each and every case. But, why is it
that this downplaying happens only when the
victims are Hindus and not otherwise? Why
did not the media downplay Dadri lynching?
Why did not media downplay Church thefts?
Does the media and the Award Wapsi brigade
develop conscience only when Hindus are
Do Hindus have no human rights? The media
and the public intellectuals dominated by
Left-liberal brigade appear to think so.
Otherwise, why is there no cry of ‘Islamic
intolerance’ in the aftermath of Malda


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