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Malda district in West Bengal on Sunday
witnessed one of the worst communal riots in
the recent weeks. The riots started after an
Islamic group carried out a protest march
against hate speech by Akhil Bharat Hindu
Mahasabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari who
allegedly insulted Prophet Mohammed in UP.
Tiwari’s statement itself had come a day after
Samajwadi Party’s Azam Khan had called RSS
members as homosexuals!
The rally organized by Anjuman Ahle
Sunnatul Jamat had turned violent after
protesters set fire to more than two dozen
vehicles including those belonging to Border
Security Force. They also ransacked
Kaliachak police station and set it on fire.
Many Hindu houses, shops, and few temples
like Shani-temple and Durga Temple were
attacked as well.
The Malda violence is a typical case of the
outburst of communal hatred. A Muslim mob
targets Hindus, Hindu temples, and state
administration, which it perceives as being
predominantly ‘Hindu’. The immediate
provocation may have been the objection…

कितना इतरा रहा होगा मुर्गा ? मुर्गे ने कभी कल्प...

 कितना इतरा रहा होगा मुर्गा ?

मुर्गे ने कभी कल्प...
: कितना इतरा रहा होगा मुर्गा ? मुर्गे ने कभी कल्पना भी नहीं की होगी कि उसकी ज़िदगी में एक ऐसा भी दिन आएगा । वो खाने की आज़ादी नाम ...

India's Policy to Pakistan

Pakistan a county who give substance place to terrioust but why? no one know ..its hard to give responce to pakistan of thier languge becouse there are many innocent includded with Pak pM Nawaj sarif who are not responisible for any attack they are only responsible for pak as representive that pak holds also a prime minister that is right to consititution but ISi and pak army are going the diffrent way ....